Downloading Ormulum fonts

For the best presentation of the text extracts from the Ormulum presented here, you should download and install the ‘Orrm’ font family (for the diplomatic edition) and the ‘OrmDemo’ font family (for all other extracts). The fonts are TrueType fonts which should install easily under Windows.

Each font family is provided in a .ZIP file. Follow the instructions below to download files, then unzip the files using WinZip or some similar program, then install the fonts under Windows.

The fonts were last modified on 14 August 2000.
To download a font:
click the right mouse button on the font name,
and select ‘Save Link As...’ from the menu.

OrmDemo        Orrm 

NB! There is, for the time being, no Macintosh version of these fonts available.